Modern Front Doors A modern doors company front door will blend seamlessly with the rest of a home's exterior. A modern styled door has a smooth black finish, frosted glass sidelight, and a thin center panel to break up the horizontal paneling. In addition, a stainless steel pole handle and round deadbolt lock will keep your home safe and secure. Typically, this type of door will blend into the surrounding environment, so you may want to consider the door's color and design to suit the style of your house. Modern front doors are also available in large sizes. One style is 8 feet tall with a glass face and a brown metal frame. This door is more visually impressive than a standard door, which is only six inches higher than the door itself. The size of the modern front door will make a big impression on your guests. If you choose a modern front door, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and materials. The colors should be complementary to each other, so they work well with each other and create a natural flow. This will help your home stand out without clashing or overpowering any other color in your home. Another modern style front door is one that features real wood horizontal paneling. This type of paneling is used in many modern-style front doors and is often a different width than the traditional paneling. Some designers use this horizontal paneling to extend over the entire front door. In addition, some designers install a glass transom above the door. Others choose to have a black frame above the transom to emphasize the door.