Clay pottery making is a craft which has been practiced for more than seven thousand years in Egypt and many other parts of the world. It has the ability to reflect light in the form of a pattern which is then transferred to the next pottery piece, usually on a larger scale and on another large sheet. The most common type of clay that is used is Egyptian black clay.

clay pottery making

Art Clay Pottery Makes

For clay to be formed it must be heated in an oven for at least eighty five to ninety minutes to a temperature of about one thousand four hundred degrees. This is a high temperature but it does not break the clay. After it has cooled, the individual clay grains are broken up to create the pattern in the pottery. The different types of patterns include interlocking, line, floral, leaf, animal and human designs.

The shaping of the clay is an important part of the process. A mould is made to capture the shape of the clay pottery piece which will form the mold for the next piece. The mould is then placed inside a kiln that is equipped with heat, which is responsible for melting the clay into the shape that will form the finished pottery piece. The finished piece is then baked in an oven until it reaches about two hundred and eighty degree Celsius.