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Are you struggling to get your website on the 1st page of Google and the other search engines? If so, you are in the right place. We can help you develop an effective online marketing strategy designed to help you increase visibility to your website, traffic to your store and increased sales. SEO Status Digital

Did you know that 54% of Americans have substituted the Yellow Pages with the Internet and local search? What does this mean? Simply put, this means that the Yellow Pages is rapidly declining, and consumers are finding easier ways like the Internet to find out more information about your business before they make a purchase. It’s no secret that Yellow Pages are out, and Google Maps and local search is in.

Why should you have a Charlotte Local SEO strategy?

By having a local marketing strategy in place, you can get listed on the 1st page of Google and increase traffic within a matter of days. Did you know that 70% of all mobile search results in action within an hour of viewing your listing online? This means your customers actually call your store, visit your actual location, or actually make a purchase. So, if you don’t have a local online marketing strategy in place, you’re missing out on hundreds of potential customers ready to do business with you.

Discover the benefits of having a Charlotte Local SEO Strategy

1. Cost-Effective- Compared to other mediums, local SEO is relatively inexpensive. Yellow pages advertisements, magazine advertisements, and PPC campaigns can literally cost you thousands of dollars a month with little to no return on investment. While Local SEO may cost you a few hundred dollars a month with a higher return on investment.

2. Increased Traffic- Over 90% of mobile users look for information while they are on the go. Chances are when they type your business keywords into Google; they will be on their way into your store to make a purchase.

3. Time- When you deploy other marketing methods, it can take 3 months up to a year to see great results. When you implement a local online marketing strategy, you can see results within a matter of days.

4. Outrank Competition- Most of your competition is too busy dabbling in Social Media and other “shiny” online marketing tactics to worry about local SEO. While Social Media and other online marketing methods are great, it’s very likely they won’t get you immediate in-store traffic as local SEO can. So let your competition play, while you increase your search engine positioning with local SEO.

What are some important factors of an effective Charlotte Local SEO?

You know the benefits of local online marketing, but you still may be wondering: What is local SEO? Simply put, Local SEO also known as local search marketing is positioning your business in a way to be found online by local consumers. The strategies implemented in a local SEO campaign include but are not limited to:

• Local keyword research

• Claiming & optimizing your Google Maps profile

• Citations

• Reviews

Other important factors of a successful local online marketing strategy include:

• Age of your domain

• Site size

• Relevant links

• PageRank

Whether you are a local business with an in-store location, or you’re operating from your home, a local online marketing strategy will set you apart from your competition. If you want to capitalize on the growing trend of internet consumers, throw your phone book away and start implementing an effective local online marketing strategy today. Times are changing and if you don’t adapt to the current trends, you will be left behind with no traffic, no customers, and no sales. Don’t let that happen to you. Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you with your online marketing strategy today!

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